IEYC services and programs are tailored for the start-up and support of bilingual kindergartens, nurseries and play-groups.

In a globalised world the ability to speak multiple languages is more important than ever. As a result more and more parents are giving their children a bilingual education. IEYC will help your practice to provide this education.

In preparing children for tomorrow, today’s globalised employment market, receiving a bilingual education at an early age gives your children a head start.

Over 135 research studies have found that compared to children receiving a conventional early years education, bilingually educated children have faster cognitive skills

  • Increased creative cognitive skills
  • Enhanced literacy proficiency
  • Great communication and social skills
  • Heightened cultural sensitivity
  • Strong confidence and self-esteem


IEYC programs and services use the Immersion Method to teach how to learn additional languages. This is the most practiced method for Early Learning. IEYC uses this approach, where both the mother-tongue and second language are used at the same level in the classroom. The practitioners use both speech, gestures and aids in their lessons to makes learning for children easier, faster and fun.