IEYC Newsletter January 2012

News Letter

Dear Readers

Firstly we wish you a very healthy and happy 2012. Alas, the holidays are finished and we have to prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities offered by 2012.

Ami Montessori International conference was attended by IEYC, the learnings from this conference will be incorporated in the IEYC workshops.

Evi an experienced nursery school teacher and a mother joins IEYC as a consultant. Evi has German state qualifications in nursery school teaching with further qualifications in Amélie Hoellering's Rhythmic Music Education and Montessori pedagogy.

Kay received her masters degree in education from the Open University. Congratulation Kay from IEYC Team.

First online workshop (webinar) “Learning through Play” will take place on - Date: 25 January 2012 time 20:00 -21:00 hours. To receive a password for this seminar register on our web site, further details, including future seminars can be found there.

The following classroom workshops will take place in February 2012 – full details on


1. How to Implement language immersion into daily practise Book early to avoid disappointment

Tuesday, 07 Feb 2012 Time: 9:30 until 15:00

2. Montessori Practical Life Activities Introductory
Book early to avoid disappointment

Saturday, 11 Feb 2012 Time 10:00 until 15:00




IEYC Facebook site is now operational and can be reached through IEYC website – so join it and lets share our experiences, good and bad through this channel for all to benefit.

This News letter is for early years community so send us your interesting news and we will include them as summary with a link back to your web site as we want to keep the news letter to one page.

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Yours Sincerely