Newsletter June 2012

IEYC News Letter June 2012

Dear All,

Since our last news letter in February, IEYC has very busy. Just to give you a quick brief on our recent and future projects, please read on.

I would like to start by informing our readers that from next week you will be able to access IEYC – Training and Workshop Schedule for June/December 2012 and 2013. All our programmes are offered in German and English. Please let us know if you have any specific workshops that we can put together and present to you and your team.

Our next workshop which is in June : In Art of Story Telling. This workshop is very interactive and allows you to be creative, imaginative as well as training in how to encourage children to be communicate with confidence. This workshop looks at different art of story telling to children from 0 to 6 years old. It takes on a complete, broad and systematic approach to master the art of oral communication.

Through this training you can support children to develop communication, language, creative writing, reading and concentration skills. Children will learn to be imaginative which helps to support their emotional development and be expressive.

You will learn how to support children to acquire public speaking skills and build their confidence by having fun through creative activities and using materials such as Lego, wooden block, puppets, natural materials and felt figures.

The aim of the workshop is to construct, metaphors, story making and telling. We will also look at how to bring alive children´s stories through different play materials and children´s story books. 

We promise you that you will go away with bags full of creative ideas.

Date: Saturday 16th June 2012, Time:09:30 until 15:00
Cost: Euro 90 Registration closing date: 8th of June 2012

For further information contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our

Moving on to our recent projects.............

March 2012 - Workshop - Circle time activities and songs for bilingual education

We have received very positive feedback from our participants, they really enjoyed this workshop. As it gave overview of how to plan and make circle time interesting for all involved.

April 2012 - Workshop - Having fun with language

This is what our parent participant said, `now I know how I can further support my two year old son, when he is playing with cars, I just watch and let him make noises brrrum, brrrum but from this workshop I have ideas that I can use with him.

May 2012 - Workshop - Montessori Refreshers Workshop" in Erding

As always we received positive feedback on this workshop, please visit IEYC website for feedback from our participants and workshop photos.

IEYC Montessori consultant using special materials 

Radio Interview - Interview with Bayern 2 radio programme (Notizbuch)- Wenn Familien vielsprachig aufwachsen.

As we specialise in bilingual education, one of our client suggested IEYC for an interview on `Growing-up with more than one languages´. If you like know more about it please follow this link:

Until next week,