Online workshop = WEBINAR

This idea came to Kay during her recent business trip to the US and saw how precious time has become and yet critical to remain up-to-date in the field of Early Years Education. Due to time restriction she participated in Webinars and found them to be ideal.

During our research all the participants we questioned said that they want to keep up-to-date with their skills.  'But'  the 3 main reasons  why  they could not were:The term webinar is an abbreviation for  Web-based Seminar that is an collaborative workshop,  presentation, lecture, etc that is done  over the Web. The participants can take part from where ever they are. Webinar saves time, costs and are convenient e.g. attending training from your own home, saves traveling time plus they address specific topics with a group of people with the same interest. 

  1. Finding the time during working hours to take part in training.
  2. Fitting training with family commitments 
  3. Interest in specific topics and not the whole training program

IEYC's first webinar took place on 25 January 2012 and the feed back so for has been very good and positive. This webinar "Learning through play"  initially planned for 1 hr actually lasted 2 hrs.

How to participate:  Register on our site and tell us which specific topic is of interest to yourself or your team.

Webinar topics we are planning to cover are:

  • Mark making to writing
  • Letters and Sound 
  • Building Relationships with Parents and Carer
  • How to plan an interesting parents evening

Your will need a PC connected to internet with the latest version of ADOBE FLASH - which is on most of the PCs and also available free from the internet.

Register today.