The heart of our consultancy is where "Children come first". We support Early Year Learning practitioners to enable Children to Grow Through Learning. We take into account that children come from different walks of life, culture, race and religion in our challenging world and this is reflected in our offerings.

IEYC team who are responsible for developing these services and workshops are Early Year Learning practitioners with several years of experience. These services are created to encourage children, parents and practitioners to transfer the concepts of Early Learning and Child development into practice.

IEYC services and programmes are individually tailor-made for your specific needs. We also offer Public workshops and Seminars. One of the key reasons for this is to encourage Networking and face to face meetings with fellow Early Year Learning Practitioners for sharing knowledge.

IEYC prides itself in providing full "Service" from Concepts to Implementation.

Class Room
Managing Child Behaviour, Parents, external Partnerships, Assessments and written communication
Specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage & BEP (Der Bayerische Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan)

Learning Environment
Policies and Procedures, Complete plan for efficient operation, Preparation of all Information Materials, Design, Layout of Learning environment, Equal Opportunities & Gender Stereotyping

External Partnerships
Parent and external Partnerships, External Communication e.g. parents and officials, Assessments and written communication

Staff Development &Coaching
Development of Operational skills in Education, Management skills, Staff Recruitment and Retention, Team Building, Equality and Awareness, Communication, Observation, Interpersonal and staff Skills