OU Masters Degree for Kay

IEYC Founder Kay Pandit has earned her Masters Degree in Educations from Open University. This is the most recent addition to her portfolio of qualifications in early years education.  

Kay was awarded the masters degree after 4 years of hard work and toil. Over the course of her degree, she not only studied, but set up IEYC and helped  put her children through university to become an ER doctor in USA, an international programming executive for the BBC, a barrister who is currently doing a masters degree in criminology at Cambridge University and her baby who is still at school.

 All this was not enough for Kay, so she started IEYC - which specializes in early years education. Over the last 2 years, with Kay’s passion for education and dedication, IEYC has grown dramatically and has become a key organisation in its on right for its clients. This is a young business and  for Kay it has been comparative to raising a fifth child .

When we asked Kay where she gets her inspiration and energy from , she modestly said. ‘ from all the people around me and especially my children who have always encouraged me and supported me through thick and thin’.

For the future Kay has two main goals: To help other women set up their own businesses and to help children in the developing world by giving them a good educational start in life.

The IEYC team and her colleagues congratulate her on this enormous achievement .