IEYC supports Children's Dream

One Goal in Cambodia

Children’s Dream is a Non-Profit Association, which was founded by Ange Dries-Behrenbeck, a retired German teacher from Hamburg. Who by improving education and providing wells, she wants to give to the Cambodians a better chance in life. Since experiencing widespread poverty on her first trip to Cambodia in November 2005 Ange Dries-Behrenbeck wanted to help and make a difference. By teaching English to elementary school students as well as to street children, she captured the hearts of children in a blink.

Kay the founder of IEYC has always been interested supporting children where ever they are,
especially in the up and coming world. So when Daniela, a young lady from our area (who had attended Kays English classes in Kindergarten) came to Kay and told her that she was going to

Cambodia and wanted sometraining on how to teach children English by using the immersion method - Kay could not resist this challenge. Now this young lady is in Cambodia and putting into practice the learnings from IEYC.

The founder of Children’s Dream, Ange Dries-Behrenbeck and Kay have started work on Early years concept, practices and processes with a view to implement these in Siem Reap in Cambodia by using the knowledge, experience and expertise of IEYC consultants.

Visit Childrens_Dream web site you will find it very informative and we are sure you will be inspired to support them in this worthy cause or you can support them through IEYC.