Parents Delighted!

I have just come across your internet site and feel that I have to congratulate you on your brilliant idea opening a bilingual playschool. What an excellent idea to bring small children up in a bilingual environment. It will help any child to develop their language skills by simply ‘playing’ and listening to the English language.

I wish that I had gone to a playschool like yours; it would have made things so much easier for me. I went to a German school and could only speak German for the first 12 years of my life, yes I am German. Learning English at school became such a difficult task for me. At age 17 I was told that I had to repeat a class because my English was so so bad. I eventually had to leave the Gymnasium because by this time I had no confidence at all.

I now speak English constantly because I married an Englishman. Yes, how wonderful, I learned English and my husband learned

German. We now speak both languages every day. I went to the UK and studied at the University of Sheffield; I am now a qualified RGN Registered General Nurse. Had anybody told me that I was going to study in the UK, speaking, reading and writing assignments, I would have said “ No way, not me”.

We have two beautiful children, they are both bilingual. I worked as a playschool-leader for the British Forces in Germany for many years and really loved every minute of it. I used to speak both languages to the children in my class and they learned very quickly. Children at that age are like sponges and it’s great that you can give them this gift of languages in your playschool.

Take care, best wishes from Beate