Increase your child's vocabulary

How to increase your child's vocabulary while having fun?

Simple activities during Christmas can  improve your child's vocabulary and keep them entertained and occupied.

Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. For Christmas day give them a present that builds their vocabulary (e.g. a sound book or puzzle etc).

  2. Play word or sentence games that encourage your child to use appropriate words while having fun (e.g. – Tell me 3 words that has letter “B” in it – Ball, November, Climb).

  3. Word of the day game – for example, for Christmas this word can be “Present” and then ask your child to use it in a sentence. Example : This is grandma's present. Where is mummy’s present....

  4. Create a word calendar for 2012 with your child – each day having a new word that is practiced at breakfast and before bed.

  5. Game – pass a hat from which a word or picture has to be picked out – the children then have to mime, act and use the word.

These are just some examples of ways to widen your child's vocabulary. Keep in mind that it should be fun learning new words and not a chore!