Personal and Professional Growth

Why Coaching and Development Program should never be ignored!

One of the most important but often neglected area in a good and thriving early years enviroment is a cohesive Coaching  and Development programme for staff and departments.

I have done both Training and Coaching staff.  My experience is coaching is a long term strategy and very good investment for the employers and employees. Sucessful organisations normally have a Coaching and Development program.  

The reason for this are very simple which I have summerised below. 

  • These programmes bolster and cultivate job knowledge and skills of individuals.
  • Staff  have better attitude, more selfworth and are more productive.
  • Staff feel valued, have room to grow and face challenges with a smile on their face instead avoding situations.
  • Staff grow both personally and professionally, feel sucessfull and do whatever is needed for the company to succeed.
  • Organisation retains staff. Cost around 50% - 75% of annual salary to recruit new staff - this does not take into account all the other issues.  
Alas we are in time of austerity Coaching and Development of staff is the first item to be chopped. In truth, it should be one of the last.
So, if you don't have such a program, put one in place and you will experience the benefits and fight like a tigress to protect your program.