The IEYC Team is a very experienced team that actively engaged in Early Year Learning. This Team is selected, trained and lead by the founder of IEYC.


kayKay Pandit MA ED Open & PGCPSE is the founder of IEYC. Her career in teaching English as a second language started in 1992 with ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages). ESOL’s goal purpose was to integrate non-English speaking community into the U.K’s education system.

Kay has Masters degree in education from Open University and various other qualification in teaching from OU & other organisations.. She is a specialist in Early Years learning and uses several approaches to teaching and learning. She uses approaches, and elements developed by Rudolph Steiner, Montessori and Reggio Emilia. In her work, there are the elements of Piaget, who established the concept of schema. The theory by Lev Vygotsky, The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), captures the child’s cognitive skills that are in the process of maturing and can be accomplished only with the assistance of a more-skilled person. This is achieved by scaffolding the child/children’s learning and development in the classroom. Kay Pandit uses another important bilingual educational approach: The Te Whariki method, which is the national framework for early years childhood in New Zealand. 

She strongly believes that success is built on team work that puts children at the heart of all activities.

Kay moved to Germany in 1995 and ever since then she wanted to contribute to the community especially to the children. For this reason, IEYC was formed to prepare children, parents and practitioners through a holistic learning environment. 

The IEYC Team is a very experienced team that actively engages in Early Year Learning. This Team is selected, trained and led by the founder of IEYC.


Montessori Consultant Christine Black has started with IEYC. 

Christine Black is an experienced head teacher and is currently working as a Montessori teacher at an international level. She is married with 2 children and comes from the North of England. Christine has worked at a preschool for 8 years and has been living in Munich for the past 13 years.

She is a qualified Montessori teacher, with diplomas in NAMC, child psychology, social work with children & families, aromatherapy and gentle touch massage. As a specialist in aromatherapy for children, she uses these skills in the creation of a peaceful classroom and learning environment.


Montessori Consultant

eviEvi Felixberger is an experienced nursery school teacher and a mother with German state qualifications in nursery school teaching. Along with this qualification, Evi is also qualified in Amélie Hoellering's Rhythmic Music Education and Montessori pedagogy. 

Since 2002 Evi has been the head of Montessori Zweisprachiger Kindergarten, where she continued expanding her teaching knowledge and in 2009 she earned her qualification in systematic education and advising and supporting parents. In her spare time, Evi is passionate about music, cycling, trekking and yoga.