Workshop: Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan (BEP)

Date: 20.3.2014

Time:  9:00 until 15:00

Cost: 80 Euros

Workshop guidelines:  

The workshop will cover the core guidelines of theBildungs- und Erziehungsplan(BEP)incorporating immersion method, with examples and activities on how to incorporate German and English language into your daily routine in early years education e.g. krippe, kindergarten and hört.

Why this workshop: This workshop very much fits in with your early years holistic environment. First, it fits with your multitude of skills that you nurture in your practice and how they are interrelated especially in terms of giving the children a home-to-home learning environment.

Secondly, this workshop presents these skills within a broad, but structured framework. This workshop takes participants to understand how the BEP is included into daily routine, through simple day-to-day running of the group. It leads participants through tasks, which will link theory into practice e.g. settling in period (the Berliner Model)

Skill level requirement of participants:  This workshop would be useful to participants at all levels of skills.

Materials and handouts provided to participants at workshop:

Certificate:  All the participants will receive a certificate.